Woman finds herself in a hairy situation after shaving her dog

Texas - Good intentions don't always yield good results, as Fernie Montufar learned after shaving her dog's fur.

Is this even the same dog?!
Is this even the same dog?!  © TikTok/Screenshots/fernaliciousdeff

The young woman was dumbfounded when she noticed that her four-legged friend suddenly looked like a completely different breed: Butter no longer looked anything like a Yorkshire terrier.

Fernie made the best of the situation and uploaded a before-and-after video on her TikTok account, which quickly went viral.

4.4 million users have viewed the clip since March 11. It has received more than 880,000 likes and 13,000 comments.

Cat's reaction to photo of his late dog friend leaves the internet weeping
Cats Cat's reaction to photo of his late dog friend leaves the internet weeping

Most users agreed that the dog looks like a completely different animal!

Fernie felt terrible about the ordeal, especially towards her "victim."

Along with her video, the dog owner wrote: "Pls for the love of God, don’t come at me. I genuinely did my best and feel horrible. I’m buying her an outfit tmrw."

Fernie should have around $50 to spare for the new pet clothes, as that's the amount she says she saved by not going to the groomer.

Some TikTok users thought Butter looked so different that they doubted it was really the same animal. Fernie answered some of the comments, insisting that both photos were of the same dog.

In follow-up videos, the young woman showed off Butter in her new outfit.

Fernie and her pooch are not the first ones to discover that DIY dog haircuts aren't always the best idea.

Cover photo: TikTok/Screenshots/fernaliciousdeff

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