From the jaws of death: video shows man being chased by Bengal tiger

Guwahati, India – This man definitely had a guardian angel on his side!

Bengal tigers can weigh over 700 pounds.
Bengal tigers can weigh over 700 pounds.  © 123rf/ Nico Smit

A Twitter video shows an incredible incident that took place in the Indian city of Guwahati on November 24.

The 25-second clip shows features screaming and shouting ringing out, as a group of people run out of a forest.

It then becomes clear that they are being chased by a Bengal tiger!

While most are able to reach safety, one man doesn't manage to put enough distance between himself and the wild animal.

As the forest borders what seems to be a construction site, the desperate man jumps down into a 16-foot hole in the hope of shaking off the tiger.

But the predator has no intention of giving up on his meal that easily: it promptly jumps after him and the two tangle in mid-air!

The man survived the tiger chase without injury

Bengal tigers are on the verge of extinction.
Bengal tigers are on the verge of extinction.  © 123rf/ alizadastudios

But the man somehow escapes from the jaws of death: the tiger climbs out of the pit and disappears back into the forest.

It's a real miracle that the hunt ended with only a few injuries for the man. Bengal tigers are fearsome felines that can weigh up to 705 pounds and grow to be ten feet tall.

According to the New India Express, several forestry officials rushed to the scene, suspecting that the tiger was either from Kaziranga or Nameri National Park.

Animal doctors also arrived with tranquilizer darts to catch and remove the wild animal.

India's tiger population has dropped to an extremely low level due to poaching and deforestation. The endangered species has dwindled down to 2,500 tigers living in the wild.

Cover photo: 123rf/ alizadastudios

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