How now, brown cow? German firefighters save a calf from drowning

Hanover, Germany - Firefighters don't just save kittens stuck in trees, they also save baby cows! In Hanover, Germany, firefighters rescued a ten-day-old calf from the Leine river.

Fortunately, the little brown cow was unharmed.
Fortunately, the little brown cow was unharmed.  © -/Feuerwehr Hannover/dpa

In the early hours of Tuesday, the clumsy young animal managed to fall from its pasture above the river and get stuck in the river bank. The helpless calf couldn't free itself according to the fire department.

But luckily for the little brown bovine, someone passing by saw it struggling in the water, which was about 30 inches deep, and called the authorities. Firefighters were able to lift the animal back onto it's the pasture with suspension belts.

According to the department, the calf suffered a touch of hypothermia, but was otherwise unharmed.

A firefighter pulls the little calf out of the water.
A firefighter pulls the little calf out of the water.  © -/Feuerwehr Hannover/dpa

The rescuers returned the baby cow to its owner. 

Cover photo: -/Feuerwehr Hannover/dpa

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