Sofia Vergara wins the right to her own eggs after long legal battle

Los Angeles, California – TV star Sofia Vergara scored a big win in her custody battle against her ex over their frozen eggs and past IVF treatments that they hoped would give them a "modern family".

The exes have been feuding in court and in the press since their breakup in 2014 (collage).
The exes have been feuding in court and in the press since their breakup in 2014 (collage).  © Collage: Instagram/Screenshot/nickloeb & Instagram/Screenshot/sofiavergara

Sofia Vergara (48) has been entangled in a feud with her ex-fiancé Nick Loeb (45) for the last six years over the ownership of their frozen fertilized eggs.

An LA judge officially ruled on Tuesday that nothing can be done with the pre-embryos without written permission of the other person, People reported.

The two originally signed an agreement when they were a couple in 2013, after completing IVF treatments at the ART Reproductive Center in Beverley Hills. The document said that both parties had to agree in order to do anything with the eggs.

Yet, Loeb now says he was under extreme pressure and "duress" at the time he signed the papers.

Loeb has since filed cases in multiple states seeking full custody of the pre-embryos. His moves were recently dismissed in both California and Louisiana.

With the right-to-live lawsuits, he had hoped to implant them into a surrogate and raise the children as a single father. He said he had named the pre-embryos Emma and Isabella and already set up trust funds for them, hoping to fulfil his dreams of being a dad.

The businessman and the Colombian actor were said to be an argumentative, on-and-off-again couple for years before finally splitting in 2014.

Loeb will continue his fight and now plans to appeal the decision in the Louisiana Supreme Court. He has pro-life views and is producing and starring in an upcoming film called Roe v. Wade that is set to be released next month, based on the landmark abortion case.

"It's sad that Sofia, a devout Catholic, would intentionally create babies just to kill them," Loeb said in a statement.

Sofia Vergara is TV's highest-payed female actor

The verdict is a huge sigh of relief for Vergara, who is known for starring in blockbuster comedies and the long-running sitcom Modern Family. She has been the highest-paid female actor on American TV for the last seven years.

Vergara married fellow TV actor Joe Manganiello in 2015 after her split with Loeb and is the mother of an adult son from her first marriage to her high school sweetheart.

She told Good Morning America that Loeb is trying to exploit her by bringing her private life into the spotlight.

“I don’t want to allow this person to take more advantage of my career and try to promote himself and get press for this,” she said.

Cover photo: Collage: Instagram/Screenshot/nickloeb & Instagram/Screenshot/sofiavergara

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