Zac Efron's van life Down Under has fans worried he's leaving Hollywood

Byron Bay, Australia - Actor Zac Efron's van life in Byron Bay has seen him live his best life in Australia. Now, it seems that he won't be returning to pandemic-stricken Los Angeles anytime soon. But could this be the end of his Hollywood career?

Zac Efron's residence and van life in Australia could mean the end of his Hollywood career.
Zac Efron's residence and van life in Australia could mean the end of his Hollywood career.  © Screenshot/Instagram/@zacefron

Far away from the every-day madness of the coronavirus pandemic, Hollywood megastar revealed Zac Efron has been camping on the east coast of Australia, near the popular tourist town Byron Bay, in a $140,000 Lotus caravan.

On Wednesday, Zac shared an Instagram photo of himself sporting a big smile outside his caravan and wearing a proper Aussie hat. The clip was captioned "Home sweet home" and accompanied by a thank you to the van company.

The 33-year-old is in Australia to work on a film called Gold, a survival thriller in which Efron plays one of two strangers who stumble across a massive piece of gold while traveling across the dessert.

Zac Efron's van life is so good that he might never leave Australia

Aside from filming a movie, the handsome heartthrob has found more than just reason to say in Australia, where he has lived for almost a year.

Last June, he reportedly fell in love with Aussie model Vanessa Valladares after bumping into her at a Byron Bay supermarket. The two have been in a happy relationship ever since. As a result, the Baywatch actor is rumored to have no desire to return to Hollywood.

In fact, he already put his Los Angeles home on the market in December, and plans to lay down roots in Australia, a source told People.

For the most part Zac Efron's van life and relationship has stayed out of the spotlight

Ever since going abroad, Efron has been flying under the radar, keeping snaps and posts of his private life to a minimum. At the same time as he has kept himself on the down-low, he has worked to keep his girlfriend out of the spotlight too.

It seems that Vanessa is playing a major role in his decision to lay down an anchor in Australia and, according to US Weekly, "Zac's loving his life... He's settled down and very happy with his girlfriend. It's serious."

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/@zacefron

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