Sony says the PlayStation 5 shortage isn't anywhere near over

San Mateo, California - The little pieces of the PlayStation 5 don't just make themselves, and since they are still in short supply, anyone who hasn't bought a PS5 should settle in for a long wait.

Some lucky folks out there already snagged a PS5, but the rest of us might have to wait until 2024.
Some lucky folks out there already snagged a PS5, but the rest of us might have to wait until 2024.  © 123rf/romankosolapov

Sony revealed in an official statement that it might not be able to make enough of its flagship console to end the PS5 shortage until 2024, according to PC Gamer.

The company said it still hasn't been able to get a handle on the console shortage, but promised it should have things under control in 2023 or 2024 at the latest.

Sony turned to making more of the aging PS4 to help players get their console fix, but in the meantime, anyone looking for the newest PlayStation will have to be lucky, patient, or both.

PS5 shortages for years

The PS5, which was released in 2020, outsold the previous model that year, but the pandemic reared its ugly head and made electronics all over the world harder to make.

That's thanks to a specific part of any console (or other electronic devices, for that matter) called a chip or a semiconductor. These are the building blocks of the parts of a PS5, Xbox Series, PC, and even modern car that make the system work.

There are plenty of reasons all bumping together to cause a chip shortage, but the main reason is simple: loads of demand, but low supply.

Add the 2020-2021Covid-19 restrictions and a cutthroat graphics card market to the mix, and you get a dried-up supply chain with barely any chips to go around.

The global chip shortage is still slamming gaming console-makers like Sony and it looks like there's no end in sight just yet.

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