Indiana Jones director James Mangold gets snarky with Twitter critics

Los Angeles, California - James Mangold, who is directing the fifth installment in the Indiana Jones franchise, took to Twitter to respond to criticisms from a podcaster who brutally roasted his future film.

James Mangold got into some Indiana Jones Twitter beef.
James Mangold got into some Indiana Jones Twitter beef.  © Collage: IMAGO/Zuma Wire/Prod.DB

Matthew Kadish seems to be a big fan of Indiana Jones, but doesn't seem to like the look of James Mangold's latest effort. The podcaster has little over 4000 Twitter followers, but his brutal opinions seemed to quickly come to the attention of the Indiana Jones 5 director.

Kadish hosts a small podcast and has just over 4,000 Twitter followers. How someone with such a limited audience managed to ruffle the feathers of big-time director James Mangold is yet unclear.

The amateur critic took to Twitter to share four reasons why Indiana Jones 5 might not be a good idea. Among those reasons was the fact that Steven Spielberg is no longer directing, and that it is being produced by Kathleen Kennedy.

James Mangold's Twitter Indiana Jones rant defends friends

Kadish also pointed out that Harrison Ford is 78 years old, the implication being that he's too old for the action. He's also certainly no fan of screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan – or the Star Wars spinoff Solo, which was written by him.

The tweet got just enough attention for James Mangold to catch wind of, and he had no intention of ignoring it. The 57-year-old shot back with some serious shade, addressing each of the perceived limitations:

"Thanks, Matt! 1) Keep making the world a better place crapping on things in the 1st week of production from your basement. 2) Never seen a script by Jon. Nothing against him. Just reality. Butterworths & I started from a blank page. 3) 1-3 r hugely talented & all at my side."

Twitter spat continues despite James Mangold's Indiana Jones meltdown

Kadish responded by saying that he had experience in entertainment, having already worked on film sets in Hollywood, and with numerous screenwriters.

No one seemed to believe him, though, so he followed up and posted a picture of the studio where he records his podcast.

Again, Mangold sarcastically replied, "How about you let me finish my movie and then rant all you want in front of your vinyl bricks lit by your fancy bounce light?"

James Mangold's Twitter rage over Indiana Jones slight gets seriously out of hand

In a later tweet, Kadish wrote, "Today a multi-millionaire Hollywood director... ragged on my home YouTube studio... it was a weird day."

Mangold just had to get the last word, though: "Today a guy with a podcast came after my film (the one I haven't made) saying it sucks. He got the info wrong, insulted dear friends & when I replied sent me a pic of his 'studio'. I was not nice about his studio. Apologies. Please get back to attacking me and my friends from it."

Should James Mangold have acted more professionally here, or was he fully entitled to defend his work? And did Kadish have good reason for his criticisms? We may just have to wait till Indiana Jones 5 hits theaters on June 30, 2023, to find out who was right.

Cover photo: Collage: IMAGO/Zuma Wire/Prod.DB

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