Why is Netflix's Twentysomethings: Austin such an unexpected gem?

Austin, Texas – Netflix's new reality TV show, Twentysomethings: Austin, premiered on December 10, and it's an unexpected delight, shining a glorious spotlight on Texas' capital city.

Netflix's Twentysomethings: Austin premiered on December 10.
Netflix's Twentysomethings: Austin premiered on December 10.  © Collage: Taylor Kamnetz/Screenshot/Instagram/@abbey.freeze

When news broke that Netflix was filming a reality show about twenty-something's in Texas' capital city, not everyone was enthralled by the idea.

But what started as fear for how the city would work as a reality TV setting turned into utter adoration as soon as Episode One dropped back on December 10.

Netflix planned ahead and opted to give viewers six episodes to really sink their teeth into, garnering an avid viewership for the unexpected gem that is Twentysomethings: Austin.

What is Twentysomethings: Austin?

Twentysomethings: Austin follows eight transplants – four women and four men – as they try to find their footing in a popping new town that's oozing with opportunity.

Rather than following the template set out by similar shows of the past such as MTV's classic The Real World, Big Brother, and even the Jersey Shore, Netflix's new reality show has a depth that was lacking from all that came before.

Twentysomethings: Austin has newbies living like locals

Twentysomethings: Austin has become a huge hit since it dropped on Netflix.
Twentysomethings: Austin has become a huge hit since it dropped on Netflix.  © Screenshot/Instagram/@abbey.freeze

Instead of just providing eight strangers with a free place to live, Twentysomethings: Austin focuses on all aspects of the cast's life, documenting it in a touching and painfully relatable way.

From figuring out how to be your authentic self after living a sheltered life for twenty-something years, to pursuing a career as a designer and working through the pitfalls of failure and rejection along the way, Netflix's new show successfully captures what it looks, feels, and sounds like to wander through your twenties alongside those who are trying to do to the same.

It is these factors that have made it one of the best reality television shows to drop over the last few years.

Twentysomethings: Austin manages to highlight all that Austin, Texas has to offer in a way that doesn't feel like a tourist death trap.

The cast hits up local hot spots like Sawyer and Co., Revival Coffee, Latchkey bar, and Town Lake – just like any other twenty-something living in the city would – without ruining the organic and local appeal of each location.

Of course, it's still a reality show, and there's an undeniable undercurrent of forced interactions and scripted job interviews that were set up knowing that a particular cast mate would bomb it. But hey, all's fair in love and reality television.

There are currently six episodes of Twentysomethings: Austin available to stream on Netflix, with new episodes expected to drop on December 17.

Cover photo: Collage: Taylor Kamnetz/Screenshot/Instagram/@abbey.freeze

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