Date asks woman for his money back after she rejects him

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - What a gentleman! On every date, he generously pulled out his wallet, but the second she turned him down, he asked for his money back.

Alex was left speechless as she read her former date's message (collage).
Alex was left speechless as she read her former date's message (collage).  © Collage: Twitter/Screenshot/alexx_colboth

Sounds like a bad joke? Unfortunately, it's not.

That's exactly what happened to Alex Colboth from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, when her former date asked her to pay half the cost of their three meetings so far.

"It's the audacity for me," the stunned woman wrote in a tweet, to which she attached a screenshot of their conversation.

"Hi Alex hope you're doing well," the charmer begins his text, before asking for her Venmo.

"The reason I ask is since you and I won't be seeing each other anymore it's only fair to ask for equal payment from you from the dates we went on."

Then he starts to name the number of bars and restaurants the two of them had been to and concludes that she still owes him about $35.

Alex has no intention of giving him the money

Alex is absolutely speechless and won't even consider sending him the money! After all, she repeatedly offered to pay for herself during each of the dates.

Within a few days, her tweet went viral and received almost 190,000 likes. It also sparked a heated debate about who was right. While some could understand the man's reasoning, most Twitter users were on Alex's side.

"Him asking for the dates to be split evenly isn't the issue here," one explained, "It's that he waited until AFTER he knew things wouldn't continue to ask, so he wasn't paying to be nice in the first place, he was paying with the expectation of some reward (sex, companionship, etc) which is weird."

Another shook his head in disbelieve: "Dudes, either pay for the date with no expectations or ask to split the bill upfront."

Fortunately, Alex is able to laugh at the man's outrageous behavior, but she'll probably think twice before letting a date pay for her again.

Cover photo: Collage: Twitter/Screenshot/alexx_colboth

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