Man reacts to bad parking job by leaving an incredibly passive-aggressive note

Sydney, Australia - Not even the coronavirus pandemic can fix one of the most common pains in the neck of big city life: parking. One Sydney man was so annoyed at a car's sloppy placement, he just had to let the owner know.

This note was left by Damien Hammond.
This note was left by Damien Hammond.  © Facebook/Screenshot/Humans of Eastwood Daily

On Wednesday, the Damien Hammond shared two pictures on the Facebook page Bondi Local Loop, venting his anger.

The man had been walking down the street in the Sydney suburb when he saw a car taking up two parking spaces on the curb. 

Hammond, was so outraged at the sight, he not only took photos, but also left a note dripping with passive-aggressive feelings, as the Daily Mail reported.

"Free Parking Lesson. Call 1800 CraPark," it said, with the letter P in the last word underlined just to emphasize Hammond's final verdict on the owner's parking skills: crap.

Facebook users react critically

Hammond also added three nasty hashtags to his note, in case the message wasn't already crystal clear: "#learnhowtodrivelikeachamp, #thisisareallyreallybadattempt, #getsomemuchneededskills".

However, not everyone on Facebook sympathized with the Aussie's crusade and many users considered his behavior to be unnecessary.

"There may have been a motorbike behind it when they parked. As far as Bondi parking goes, This is actually pretty good," one user wrote.

"People never have some critical thinking and always make assumptions," another added. 

And a third user asked: "How do you know what the parking situation was at the time when they parked?"

In the end, it seems everyone involved came off looking bad.

Cover photo: Facebook/Screenshot/Humans of Eastwood Daily

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