Six Flags park officers ban and threaten autistic mother because of her shorts

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - A trip to an amusement park turned into a nightmare for a woman named Bailey Breedlove, who went to the Frontier City theme park on April 30 and afterwards posted about her experience on Facebook.

Breedlove suffers from autism and couldn't understand why denim cut-off shorts warranted multiple police officers to confront her.
Breedlove suffers from autism and couldn't understand why denim cut-off shorts warranted multiple police officers to confront her.  © Screenshot/Facebook/bailey.breedlove.9

At first, Breedlove and her family were having a great time and enjoying the rides at Six Flags Frontier City, but around 7 PM that evening, things changed horribly, she said.

At first, Breedlove's daughter was yelled at by a park police officer for rolling down a hill in Heely wheeled sneakers, all while holding her mother's hand.

But it did not stop there!

Breedlove said of the officer, "Then she proceeded to follow me and grabbed my shoulder to turn me around and proceeded to tell me my shorts were 'too short.'"

The mother was wearing a face mask, a Pokémon t-shirt, and denim cut-off shorts because of the hot weather.

Breedlove spoke to her boyfriend as a go-between because she has autism and struggles speaking to officers.

Park rules are vague, and clothing was not checked upon admission

The officer called for back-up, and after the officials threatened Breedlove with criminal trespassing, she finally agreed to buy new shorts so her family could continue enjoying their time at the amusement park.

However, just as the family was just about to leave, an officer brandished handcuffs and demanded Breedlove's ID, which sent her 11-year-old daughter into hysterics thinking that her mother was going to be arrested.

Breedlove lashed out at the Frontier City location in her post.

"I am now banned for five years, but will not return to any of your parks if this is how you treat a woman and law-abiding citizen, as well as other visitors," she complained.

She later updated her statement, adding that the head of the Oklahoma City Police Department contacted her and assured her that it was not local police officers.

According to The New York Post, the park guidelines actually contain a paragraph that anyone who does not adhere to the valid dress code can be denied entry. However, the vague rules make no mention of the length of shorts, trousers or skirts.

It is not clear why the park wouldn't check clothing upon admission, instead of randomly pulling people out well into the evening.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Facebook/bailey.breedlove.9

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