Love rollercoaster: woman's sexual attraction to inanimate object leads to amusement park affair

Haßloch, Germany – One woman's sexual attraction for inanimate objects took another strange twist, as she claims to have fallen in love with a roller coaster – but that's not all!

Sky Scream is a roller coaster at Holiday Park in Germany
Sky Scream is a roller coaster at Holiday Park in Germany  © IMAGO / YAY Images

After several failed human relationships, Gaëlle Engel became disinterested in humans, and shifted her sights back to her old childhood love of inanimate objects.

Now, Engel says she's fallen head over heels for the Sky Scream rollercoaster, located at Holiday Park in Germany, and went as far as insisted they had "reproduced."

The 43-year-old woman told the New York Post that she's been sexually attracted to inanimate objects since she was 12 years old.

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Dating several men with substance abuse issues led to traumatizing experiences for Engel. With Sky Scream, things are very different, and she says she feels "completely confident" in her relationship with the rollercoaster.

Despite not being able to have an actual sexual relationship with Sky Scream, Engel's life is dominated by hopelessly wondering about what it would be like: "I spend every moment dreaming of a carnal and fusional relationship with it."

Though her human relationships had many downsides and insurmountable challenges, Engel learned that sex wasn't a priority in her relationships.

Connecting on a different level

To feel closer to Sky Scream, Engel has collected objects that remind her of her inanimate beau, like miniature models of the coaster, and a collection of objects she's bought at Holiday Park.

By doing so, Engel says she feels more connected and in love with Sky Scream.

Engel's even created new models based on Sky Scream, something she considers similar to reproduction, saying, "There are even some models that I made that are totally new inventions – so you can say that I have Sky Scream kids."

Her "type" might be unconventional, but Engel is happy and secure in her relationship – and that's all anyone can hope for in the end.

Cover photo: IMAGO / YAY Images

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