Jen Selter's wardrobe malfunction reveals more than desired in Halloween-themed oopsie

San Francisco, California - Oh snap! That wasn't supposed to happen! Influencer Jen Selter's wardrobe malfunction has revealed a little more than intended, in a halloween-themed slip-up.

Jen Selter's oopsie proves to be a real Halloween wardrobe malfunction.
Jen Selter's oopsie proves to be a real Halloween wardrobe malfunction.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@jenselter

For Halloween, fitness instructor Jen Selter came up with a very special workout for her 12.6 million Instagram fans: A large pumpkin held above her head as a weight.

While undergoing her workout squats, the fitness influencer decided to flaunt her bod. To do so she wore sexy high boots, a bodysuit, and not much else. Sadly, it wasn't enough to avoid a Jen Selter's pretty serious wardrobe malfunction.

Upon beginning a series of squats, her Halloween video took an unexpected twist. As Selter lowers her toned body for a second squad, her tiny slip snaps, revealing a little more than intended.

Jen Selter's wardrobe malfunction has fans stunned

"Well, this costume didn’t pass the squat test," she wrote in her post, which was first censored and then completely removed from Instagram.

Despite the little accident, she got more than 318,000 likes. Selter's followers obviously had a great time watching the video, one particularly creepy commenter admitting, "I zoomed in and watched the video like 40 times."

"If 2020 was a Halloween Insta post," another fan commented. "Buns of steel is a real thing, it appears," "Our kind of mid-week pump(kin)."

Jen Selter treated the whole incident with good humor, captioning the clip with a prompt to "Wait for it". The successful entrepreneur definitely won herself a few more admirers with this hilarious mishap.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@jenselter

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