Former cop becomes a millionaire with incredibly successful OnlyFans account

London, UK - After struggling to make her mark in a "male dominated" world of policing, this Brit decided to go into a completely different line of work – with amazing results!

With her OnlyFans account, the young beauty is making some serious cash these days.
With her OnlyFans account, the young beauty is making some serious cash these days.  © Bildmontage: Instagram/Screenshot/charlotterose_1993

At 20, Charlotte Rose had already had enough of her job as a police dog handler and quit after just one year on the job.

She needed to do something for a living – but what?

All it took is a small photo shoot. Charlotte made such a big impression with her modeling skills that things moved at the speed of light after that.

Almost immediately after, she received an invitation: would she want to become one of only 100 women to join a new online adult platform called OnlyFans?

It didn't sound too bad, and posting a spicy picture on the website every now and again seemed like fun. But it wasn't until 2018, almost two years after Charlotte joined, that this little side hustle became something altogether different for her.

From an occasional post here and there, Charlotte has since been working up to 16 hours a day. There are pictures to be taken, messages to be answered, social media accounts to be managed, and content to be planned.

There's no overestimating how hard this job can be. But it's all paying off nicely: after earning almost $14,000 a month at the start of her online career, the figure has now increased tenfold!

Charlotte Rose also has a steamy Instagram account

Charlotte and her OnlyFans are almost good friends!

Charlotte sometimes earns over $200,000 a month!
Charlotte sometimes earns over $200,000 a month!  © Bildmontage: Instagram/Screenshot/charlotterose_1993

The key to her success? Charlotte is sure it's the subtleness of her content.

"Everyone assumes OnlyFans is just porn, which I have nothing against, but personally I don’t do that level of content," she told The Sun. "My page is very tame but it works because I’m niche – so many pages are hardcore but I won’t do that, I like my page to be different."

Instead, she enjoys chatting with her fans, engaging in role-play, and building personal bonds with them.

Charlotte has built relationships with a handful of her followers and interacts with them on a daily basis.

I know their children’s names, their job titles and if they’re having a bad day – and when they are, I’ll send a voice-note and some pictures of my dogs to cheer them up," she said.

Her biggest problem now is what to do with all the money she's earning: Charlotte spends less than 5% of what she rakes in on a monthly basis.

A flashy purple Lamborghini is as far as she's gotten in solving that issue so far.

Cover photo: Bildmontage: Instagram/Screenshot/charlotterose_1993

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