Influencer uses a very special ingredient to get glowing skin!

Internet - A young mother and blogger shared her latest beauty secret to glowing skin: liquid gold!

The young mom (30) regularly shares parenting tips on her account!
The young mom (30) regularly shares parenting tips on her account!  © Instagram/Screenshot/sisishoffman

Si-Si Shoffman is a 30-year-old mother who regularly shares parenting advice with her 14,000 followers on Instagram.

But the influencer is not only a pro at parenting.

A single glance at her profile is enough to see she must also know a lot about facial care.

The 30-year-old's skin is glowing!

Si-Si knows exactly how she achieved her stunning complexion, and she definitely doesn't want to keep the secret from her fans!

On Saturday, she shared a video on her account, in which she films herself doing her skin care routine – using a very special product.

The benefits of breast milk!

Si-Si's secret tip: breast milk! (collage)
Si-Si's secret tip: breast milk! (collage)  © Montage: Instagram/Screenshot/sisishoffman

The video left some of her followers wondering: is that breast milk?

Indeed, her routine currently includes a few drops of her own colostrum.

In the video's description, she explains why.

After all, breast milk doesn't just seem to contain a lot of nutrients for babies.

It's also supposed to be "magically anti inflammatory." In addition to "stimulat[ing] the production of normal healthy skin bacteria, which will fight any problematic bacteria," it also has anti-aging effects!

What a magical cure! And Si-Si agrees: "It's called liquid gold for a reason."

The reactions to her video were overwhelmingly positive, with a large number of her followers raving about how great the 30-year-old's skin looks.

"Your skin is glowing!" one user wrote enthusiastically, while another agreed: "You look fabulous!"

Some immediately started contemplating having a baby just so they could get perfect skin.

Cover photo: Montage: Instagram/Screenshot/sisishoffman

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