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TAG24 has the latest Baby and Pregnancy News.
TAG24 has the latest Baby and Pregnancy News.  © 123RF / Oksana Kuzimina

At TAG24 you will find the latest news about babies and pregnancy from across the world. Looking for advice, guides, gossip, or news about these little dudes? You're in the right place.

With their small round faces, curious eyes and soft skin, babies reach deep into our emotional souls. Pregnancy is an exciting time for a lot of people, but also a scary one, because once that baby is born the parents' life will be turned completely upside down.

Are you pregnant? Did you just have a baby? Are your emotions fluctuating between fear, hope and happiness? Once your sweet baby is born, everything happens and changes very quickly. From the first diapers to the first children's clothes, from paediatricians to baby swimming, daycare, the first day of school, TAG24 is here.

You will not only find the latest baby guides and help here, but also reports on the latest cute baby videos from across social media, the latest celebrity babies and pregnancies, and a selection of bizarre, happy and tragic baby news stories as well. If you are a parent, an expecting parent, or just someone who loves babies, TAG24 is here for all your needs.

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On TAG24's Baby News channel you will find the latest Baby News and Guides from across the world.