Laughing all the way to the bank: OnlyFans hottie comes up with sexy scheme to get back at her ex

Essex, England - Revenge is sweet – and in this case, it's also a huge moneymaker!

Willow Sky in an Instagram selfie.
Willow Sky in an Instagram selfie.  © Instagram/Screenshot/ukwillow1

Willow Sky from the UK turned the tables on her ex-boyfriend after he repeatedly cheated and told her that "no one would ever find her attractive," according to the Daily Star.

Now, the 23-year-old is showing the world just how attractive she is.

After the Brit broke up with her boyfriend, she signed up for OnlyFans, a subscription website where she offers erotic pictures and videos for paying customers.

Today, Willow earns around $34,000 on the site – per month.

In addition, she has free spicy photos on her Instagram account, where her 13,000 followers can also admire how sexy she is.

Her ex, who is said to have secretly texted and gone on hidden vacations with multiple women when they were a couple, is not one of them.

Willow Sky gains confidence and wealth

Fans see Willow Sky in a much different light than her ex-boyfriend!
Fans see Willow Sky in a much different light than her ex-boyfriend!  © Instagram/Screenshot/ukwillow1

"My ex's comments left me feeling defeated," Willow said.

But the model says her success on the site has given her more confidence: "I feel like you learn to love yourself more as you're always experimenting with different lighting, angles, and outfits."

With the help of thousands of admirers paying money to see more of her, the Brit has learned to accept herself post-breakup.

"Everything I do is for me now and the only person I want to impress is myself," she said.

She also said that in addition to raking in the big bucks and showering herself with love, she has been in a new relationship for the last two years.

It looks like Willow is getting the last laugh!

Cover photo: Instagram/Screenshots/ukwillow1

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