Mother of two makes a million a year on OnlyFans

Colorado - There was a time when Nita Marie and her children relied on food stamps. But then the 45-year-old decided to sign up for OnlyFans. Now she's a millionaire!

Nita Marie (45) posing sexy on her Instagram account.
Nita Marie (45) posing sexy on her Instagram account.  © Instagram/Screenshot/love_nitamarie

The Colorado mother-of-two knows that she is anything but a classic model. Her fans, however, don't seem to mind!

On the contrary, a lot of people have shown interest in admiring Nita Marie exactly as she looks on Instagram – including all of her curves and wrinkles that do not hide her age.

And they are even willing to pay a lot of money to get even more content from the beautiful blonde on OnlyFans, as The Sun reported!

Speaking to Jam Press, Nita Marie said she earns around $1 million a year, and currently makes around $180,000 a month.

It all started after she split up with her ex-husband and posted a few sexy pictures on Facebook. She never expected the incredible response to them and soon decided to offer adult content in exchange for money.

Erotic model Nita Marie is now helping other mothers!

Nita Marie makes millions of dollars with her content!
Nita Marie makes millions of dollars with her content!  © Instagram/Screenshot/love_nitamarie

Nita Marie didn't want to leave it at that. And so she soon started helping other mothers to get a foothold on the OnlyFans platform.

Right now, the model is supporting around 200 women from all over the world in a specially set up group.

One of her mentees is Maddie Vance (28), a single mother with two small children from Tennessee who started using OnlyFans in August 2020 and is now making around $4,000 a month.

"Nita's group has not only helped me build my page and earnings on the site, but had also given me a safe place to talk about the hardships through the job," she told Jam Press.

This ride on the wild side hasn't just helped Nita Marie financially. She also feels a lot more self-confident and comfortable with her body.

Cover photo: Instagram/Screenshots/love_nitamarie

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