Obscene Santa lights up Christmas and TikTok with display of Santa masturbating

Newton, Iowa – When Ryan set up his family's Santa display, a small mistake led to something extraordinarily naughty. The obscene Santa he ended up created has since gone viral on TikTok.

Amber Ann Zink said called her husband's creation "Obscene Santa."
Amber Ann Zink said called her husband's creation "Obscene Santa."  © Collage: TikTok/Screenshot/@ambieannzzz

Amber Ann Zink was excited to finally decorate her Iowa home for Christmas with three acres of colorful twinkling lights, a star on the chimney to light up the night, and a waving Santa Claus on the roof to make the season bright.

But when she and her husband Ryan finished decorating and switched on the power to see the results of their labor, neither could believe their eyes.

Obscene Santa jerking off on roof shocks family

Instead of waving, obscene Santa was instead holding his hand between his legs and moving it up and down. His arm hadn't been attached properly, and now it looked like Santa was masturbating on the family home.

"My husband forgot to zip-tie Santa's hand up to wave," Zink wrote in a video posted to her TikTok account, where she goes as @ambieannzzz. "And now it's offensive."

The hilarious holiday faux pas, which was captioned "Just a tiny mistake" has now been viewed over 36 million times.

TikTokers respond to obscene Santa display

The video's comment section was flooded with puns and jokes about Santa coming down the chimney.

"Either your man 'forgot' or he's a legend," commented one user. "Your neighbors will want to have a serious word with you!"

Responding in two follow-up videos, Zink filmed a neighbor's house that spelled out "Ditto" in lights in response to Santa's naughty display.

And to answer viewers' most burning question, Zink filmed her husband Ryan on the roof, asking how hard he really tried to get Santa's arm in the right place.

"That was a lie," he confessed, and revealed he was just having some holiday fun.

The Links' neighbors also had their own fun in response to obscene Santa.
The Links' neighbors also had their own fun in response to obscene Santa.  © Screenshot/TikTok/@ambieannzzz

Obscene Santa stays

It seems the couple has decided to keep the mischievous Santa up. After all, "he comes only once a year," as one commenter wrote.

Looks like someone will definitely be on this year's naughty list!

Cover photo: Collage: TikTok/Screenshot/@ambieannzzz

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