Teen hit by train while making video for TikTok stunt

Rawalpindi, Pakistan - To grow their platforms and get more views, many TikTok users are participating in risky challenges. For a young man in Pakistan, this ended in a terrible tragedy.

Hamza Naveed (†18) was killed by a train while walking along the tracks for a TikTok stunt.
Hamza Naveed (†18) was killed by a train while walking along the tracks for a TikTok stunt.  © Montage: 123rf/bigtunaonline & 123rf/Supot Phanna

The 18-year-old Hamza Naveed was hit and killed by a train on January 22 while a friend filmed him walking along the tracks for a TikTok stunt, police said.

The accident happened in the Shah Khalid neighborhood of Rawalpindi city, near the capital Islamabad, according to local news.

"The moving train hit him while he was posing for a video and walking on the railway track," a spokesperson for the rescue service said.

Rescue workers rushed to the site immediately, he said, but it was too late: the young man was already dead.

Friends of the deceased Naveed confirmed to the authorities that the young man was making the video to later post it on TikTok.

Second fatal TikTok stunt in just one week

The tragic accident in Pakistan comes just a few days after a 10-year-old girl accidentally choked herself to death while taking part in a popular TikTok challenge.

Authorities in Italy have since ordered the video platform to block the accounts of any users whose age it cannot verify.

Earlier in January, TikTok had already tightened its privacy practices for the under-18 users and set up a new default private setting for accounts with users aged 13 to 15.

The move came a month after US regulators ordered the app to disclose how its practices affect children and teenagers.

Cover photo: Montage: 123rf/bigtunaonline & 123rf/Supot Phanna

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