TikTok extends max video length to 10 minutes for all users

Los Angeles, California - The wildly popular social media platform TikTok announced Monday that they will extend the maximum video length to 10 minutes globally for all users.

TikTok with longer videos isn't really TikTok anymore... is it?
TikTok with longer videos isn't really TikTok anymore... is it?  © IMAGO / R├╝diger Wolk

If you are asking yourself "...why?!", you are definitely not alone.

TikTok has shown interest in and made efforts in the past to implement longer videos, most recently extending the video time to three minutes back in January.

The platform's initial claim to fame was its effective use of short videos, and the home page algorithm that perfectly caters to users' interests. It has pushed creators to become extra creative by giving them a limited time to grab users' attention.

So with a following of over a billion users a month, why try to fix something that isn't broken?

Many are speculating that the Chinese-owned company is trying to keep up with its biggest competitor, YouTube, which is known for focusing on more lengthy content.

Longer content may keep users on the platform for more time, which is the ultimate goal for all social media platforms... at least those hell-bent on making more money.

The move may also attract a wider audience, since the company's burst-fire of short clips tends to appeal to a younger audience.

Some are also wondering how extending the maximum time will, if at all, affect their current monetization system for creators, which has been the subject of criticism in the past.

The company has also come under fire recently for a rise in misinformation content on the platform regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Many on social media are confused and annoyed at the idea of longer TikTok videos. Will this be the downfall of media giant?

Cover photo: IMAGO / Xinhua

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