TikToker with "pregnant finger" shares her bizarre health journey

Emsworth, UK - Whatever that is, it doesn't look good! Still, it's pretty hard to look away from this TikToker's "pregnant finger" and her viral videos are proving it.

What in the world is this? For months, Hollie Rose Smith had to watch the bump on her finger grow bigger and bigger.
What in the world is this? For months, Hollie Rose Smith had to watch the bump on her finger grow bigger and bigger.  © tiktok.com/@hollierosebakes

Hollie Rose Smith, from southern English town of Emsworth, had perfectly normal hands her entire life. But that all suddenly started to change in March 2020.

As she explains in one of her recent TikTok videos, she discovered a small lump on her index finger. Was it a mosquito bite, a temporary swelling, or something very serious?

As concerning as the initial development was, that was nothing compared to what followed. The barely visible bump balooned to an alarming size over the course of the year, which led to Hollie coming up with the hilarious hashtag "#pregnantfinger".

In just three days, the bizarre video garnered more than 875,000 views and 25,500 likes, leaving many viewers shaken, desperate to know what on earth was going on.

In a second TikTok clip, Hollie dispelled some of the mystery.

A lump or a tumor in the finger?

Hollie had the lump on her finger surgically removed.
Hollie had the lump on her finger surgically removed.  © tiktok.com/@hollierosebakes

Doctors initially told her that it was a ganglion cyst: a fluid-filled lump that can occur near joints but is completely harmless.

The physicians didn't want to do anything about it as long as Hollie wasn't in pain, as it was a harmless and merely a cosmetic issue, Hollie explains in her video.

But as time went on, the lump only got bigger, and even though it still didn't hurt, Hollie decided to finally get rid of it. That's when doctors tried to pierce it with a needle to drain the fluid inside. But to the shock of everyone, nothing came out except blood.

That meant it wasn't a ganglion cyst after all. The doctors were at a loss.

Hollie was told she needed surgery to remove the lump, which then turned out to be a lipoma, a slow-growing fatty tumor under the skin.

Holding up her bandaged finger to the camera, Hollie explained: "I had my surgery last week. This is my finger now, I've got to keep this dressing on it because I've got stitches on my finger, they'll be taken out next week."

At the end of the video, she urged others to take such matters seriously: "So guys and girls, if you find any lumps on your body, please go and get them checked straight away."

Cover photo: tiktok.com/@hollierosebakes

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