YouTubers vs. TikTokers: Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall hit the deck in pre-fight brawl

West Hollywood, California – Things got heated between YouTuber Austin McBroom and TikToker Bryce Hall at a promotional event for their boxing match next month.

Bryce Hall (l.) started a physical fight with Austin McBroom (r.) at a press conference for their upcoming fight.
Bryce Hall (l.) started a physical fight with Austin McBroom (r.) at a press conference for their upcoming fight.  © Screenshot/Instagram/brycehall/austinmcbroom

Most mixed martial arts and boxing matches come with press conferences several weeks before the fight, and the YouTubers vs. TikTokers boxing match was no exception.

YouTuber Austin McBroom (28) has been getting ready for the match long before it was even set, hiring boxing trainers and even setting up a boxing ring in the backyard of his gorgeous mansion.

The press conference at the Fred Segal store in West Hollywood, California was proceeding as they all do: with some smack talk and a side of overly confident sentiments.

All it took was a few inaudible words from McBroom to send Bryce Hall (21) over the edge.

The TiKToker leaped out of his seat and jumped on McBroom, who eventually took him to the floor. A video of the scuffle shows members of each party's entourage piling in, trying to beak up the fight and peel the two off one another.

A pre-fight preview of what's to come

Hours after the pre-fight altercation, TMZ caught up with McBroom to get his side of things.

McBroom, the creator of the ACE Family channel on YouTube that has over 19 million subscribers, claims that Hall was trying to twist his ankle in what he believes was an attempt to end the fight before it even started.

"It was kind of weird. He was trying to break my ankle or twist my ankle so I couldn't fight him," he said of Hall.

The feud started when McBroom called out the TikToker, who has 19.9 million followers, in a now-deleted Instagram post.

It took Hall three months to respond, but he did so in a big way. Instead of just trashing McBroom on social media, he straight up shared screenshots of their text conversations in an attempt to rile up the YouTuber.

Talk is cheap in the world of boxing

The texts didn't put McBroom in as bad of a light as Hall might've wished, as they actually made him seem like he was the one who didn't want to enter the ring.

Either way, the official fight should settle the score once and for all. And it's not just about bragging rights – there's also $5 million on the line and a bonus prize of $1 million for winning.

The YouTubers vs. TikTokers boxing match is slated to take place on June 12 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/brycehall/austinmcbroom

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