Mother of three arrested after trying to put out a hit on husband's girlfriend

Jefferson County, Colorado - Jennifer Emmi is a 43-year-old mother of three who works as an attorney, founded The Animal Law Center, and built a nonprofit ranch in Evergreen. It's hard to imagine she could be capable of such a horrific crime!

Jennifer Emmi (43) allegedly asked a ranch hand for help getting rid of her husband's girlfriend.
Jennifer Emmi (43) allegedly asked a ranch hand for help getting rid of her husband's girlfriend.  © 123rf/gcalin

Emmi seemed to have the perfect life. She had three beautiful children, a great job, and a loving husband.

But when he left her for the family's babysitter, her life fell apart right in front of her eyes – and she couldn't take it.

Years of stalking, threats, and harassment ensued, as authorities alleged in a 33-page affidavit.

CBS4 and Denver Post reported that the obsession reached its peak when 28-year-old Evergreen ranch hand Timothy Lindsey went to police after recording a call between himself and Emmi. During the conversation, she allegedly asked him "if he knew anyone who could help get rid of [the girlfriend]."

Lindsey said he "played along" at first because he couldn't believe she was being serious, saying it would cost her around $100,000. "Jennifer responded that the money would not be a problem," he told investigators.

They also discussed whether he was only supposed to kill the girlfriend or whether the husband had to die too.

Jennifer Emmi is being held on a $3-million bail

Lindsey's statement was followed by a six-month police investigation involving undercover meetings, blackmail, and extortion attempts.

Talking to CBS4 on Monday, Colin Bresee, the woman's attorney, said: "This is a very serious allegation against Jennifer Emmi. It looked like the model family and all of a sudden her husband trades her in for a younger girl. She was irate."

He said it was clear that Emmi did not intend on actually going through with the plan.

"With all due respect, it sounds very much like a woman scorned who had three children with a man and he traded her in for some young girl."

Emmi's husband also talked to the news outlet, asking for privacy for himself and his family, especially his kids: "It's a very sensitive topic."

Currently, Jennifer Emmi is being held in Jefferson County jail on a $3-million bail. She will appear in court on February 26 for a preliminary hearing.

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