Teen girl murdered by Instagram "friend" – did police ignore 911 call?

Maipu, Argentina - On December 12, 14-year-old Florencia Romano said goodbye to her parents for the last time, before leaving her house in Guaymallen, Argentina, and never coming back.

A neighbor heard the girl's (†14) cries for help – but no one believed him. (stock image)
A neighbor heard the girl's (†14) cries for help – but no one believed him. (stock image)  © 123rf/Aliaksandr Baiduk

Unfortunately, the young girl didn't go to her friend's house as agreed, according to The Sun.

Instead, Florencia boarded a bus to the city of Maipu, to meet up with 33-year-old Pablo Arancibia, whom she had previously met on Instagram.

When the student didn't return home in the evening, her family quickly became anxious and organized a search after reporting her as missing.

But the tragic case took another dark twist: Florencia's relatives weren't the only ones to call 911 that day.

On the evening of her disappearance, a neighbor of Arancibia's heard screams coming from his house and alerted the police. Shockingly, the emergency service worker believed the call to be a hoax and hung up.

A neighbor called the police, but no one believed him

The girl's body of the girl was dumped in a canal

When Arancibia and his girlfriend Micaela Mendez (27) were later questioned by police, both admitted that the girl had been at the suspect's house, but assured the officers that she had left in the afternoon.

Arancibia even claimed that he had accompanied her to the bus stop.

But shortly after, a gruesome discovery was made near Arancibia's house: the lifeless body of the teenager had been dumped in an irrigation canal, wrapped in blankets and partially burned.

Pablo Arancibia and his partner have been arrested for her murder.

Police confirmed the 33-year-old already had a criminal record because of his history of harassing young girls on on social networks.

Cover photo: 123rf/Aliaksandr Baiduk

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