This TikToker says you've been applying your mascara the wrong way all along!

Media, Pennsylvania - There's usually only one way to apply mascara – or is there? According to this TikToker, the "only way" is actually the wrong way.

Taylor Tripler demonstrates her method on TikTok.
Taylor Tripler demonstrates her method on TikTok.  © Screenshot/TikTok/ __slaybytay__

Stylist and makeup professional Taylor Tripler knows how to get those long, lush lashes that look almost too full to be real. She has an unusual technique, which she shared in a viral TikTok video.

First off, Taylor recommends scooping the mascara wand through the product in the container. Scooping, not pumping!

Then you should hold the mascara brush up to your top lashes vertically rather than horizontally and brush the product on with a back and forth movement. Once your lashes are coated in mascara, you can turn the wand horizontally and brush the mascara through your lashes.

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After your lashes have dried, you can remove any flaky excess with a cotton swab. Done!

Taylor's makeup hack already has 664,500 clicks. In the video, she explained that she had been doing her mascara this way since high school.

Some users reacted with total amazement and immediately tried it out. "Did this and did not poke out my eye and my lashes don't look clumpy. My lashes do however look FANTASTIC. GAME CHANGER."

And that enthusiastic viewer wasn't the only one impressed! Many others agreed that it made a huge difference to their results, but a few complained about it being uncomfortable.

One even had a bit of an accident: "...poked my eye out. Now what?"

Cover photo: Screenshot/TikTok/ __slaybytay__

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