Disgusted woman finds an unexpected part of the chicken in her KFC meal

Harrow, UK - Are you ready to have your stomach turned? That's exactly the reaction this young woman from England had when she made a disgusting discovery in her KFC order.

A young woman took a bite of a chicken part that you don't normally get served (stock image).
A young woman took a bite of a chicken part that you don't normally get served (stock image).  © 123rf/topdeq

Rebecca McLoughlin (23) had a nasty surprise when she went to eat at her local KFC in Harrow, UK, on Tuesday and found something quite different in her food.

As she sat down with her three-year-old son and took her first bites of her meal, she was still perfectly fine.

However, her mood was soon about to change, as MyLondon reported.

After about 20 minutes she suddenly felt something strange between her teeth.

"One of the pieces I bit into didn't taste right," Rebecca said. "Then I started picking at it and discovered a brain-like piece in the chicken and straight away I panicked and was in pure disgust"

KFC spokesperson on chicken brain: "It's harmless"

Despite her disgust, she didn't just throw away the piece of brain. Instead, she pulled out her phone to take some pictures in order to warn other customers about the "quality of chicken".

A spokesperson for KFC has since issued a statement on the incident: "Hands up! This doesn't look great, but it looks like a natural part of the chicken to us. This sometimes happens when dealing with fresh chicken."

He said that KFC will contact Rebecca to clarify the matter. No one should be worried about her health, as chicken brains are perfectly edible. "But it goes without saying it's not appealing and shouldn't be there."

However, it seems like Rebecca has already made up her mind. She told MyLondon that will not be eating at any KFC again.

Cover photo: 123rf/topdeq

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