Black Alien tattoo addict plans to become a golden cyborg

Madrid, Spain - Anthony Loffredo has been pushing the boundaries of tattoos and body modification for years. But now he wants to stretch the boundaries of science as well.

Anthony Loffredo wants to completely change his identity and become a "Black Alien."
Anthony Loffredo wants to completely change his identity and become a "Black Alien."  © Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/@the_black_alien_project

In a tongue-in-cheek photo posted to his Instagram account, which boasts more than 1.4 million followers, Loffredo shared a mock-up of how he wants to look a decade from now.

With only his self deemed "Black Alien" face remaining, the image shows a metallic cyborg version of Loffredo with barely any tattoos or skin in sight, cables visible in his joints, and looking entirely mechanical and robotic.

It seems that Anthony Loffredo may want to change his identity from "Black Alien" to "Gold Cyborg" in less than ten years.

Is cyborg just the next in a string of major body mods for Black Alien?

While clearly a joke, a dream, or a rendering of the imagination, if Loffredo went forward with these robotic changes, they would follow a very real body mod journey that has seen him already cut off his nose, ears, and two of his fingers.

Loffredo has also tattooed his eyeballs, had various implants put under his skin, and only a few weeks ago, revealed he had the word "Alien" scalped onto his head in a series of bloody photos.

Still, there's precedence for his desire to become a cyborg. He has previously described a desire to have one of his legs amputated and replaced with a robotic one.

Anthony Loffredo is apparently only 62% through his transformation into a "Black Alien," captioning his mock-up cyborg self with the words "10 years later 2033 - Black Alien Project Évolution 62%."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/@the_black_alien_project

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