Everyone is looking between this tattoo model's legs – but not for the reason you might think!

Seattle, Washington - A sexy tattoo model posted a recent snap of some action happening between her legs. And no, it wasn't what her followers were thinking!

Taylor White loves to show off her ink – and her furry friends!
Taylor White loves to show off her ink – and her furry friends!  © Collage: Instagram/Screenshot/taylorwhitetv (2)

Taylor White regularly posts revealing pictures for her 670,000 fans on Instagram and hosts her own YouTube show.

Her full-body ink and sexy shots have gotten her tons of attention.

But in a recent post, as Taylor posed in a straddle position on her bed in a skimpy underwear set, something between her legs stole the show! And it wasn't what followers have come to expect from her exposing photos.

She had her cuddly pets on the bed with her!

The model owns a Sphinx cat named Rapunzel and a Chihuahua named Mojo, who she said are her best friends.

In a nod to the irony, Taylor's underwear read: "Designer Pussy" in pink and white lettering.

The photo has gained almost 48,000 likes! Instagram users were obsessed with the animal duo, who looked like they were doing some heavy petting.

"Oh my god the two babies in the foreground are kissing I'm crying with cuteness," a commenter wrote. "I love how they cuddle each other."

"Love your little critters," another added. "So cute."

Taylor has let her four-legged friends share the spotlight before, even posing for photos with some horses!

"How I see myself in the future; no makeup everyday surrounded by animals," she said.

Her animal-clad shots have already started to make some of those dreams a reality!

Cover photo: Collage: Instagram/Screenshot/taylorwhitetv (2)

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