Extremely modified woman chops off nose and tattoos eyes

Madrid, Spain - Toxii Daniëlle has been getting tattooed for years. Nowadays, though, she has become famous for her radical body modification, which has seen her ink her eyes and chop off her nose.

Toxii Daniëlle has had her nose removed and eyes tattooed black.
Toxii Daniëlle has had her nose removed and eyes tattooed black.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@toxii.bodymod

On February 29, Toxii Daniëlle posted an alarming video on Instagram, where she goes as @taxii.bodymod and has almost 40,000 followers. Showing off black injections she'd had in her gums, Toxii bared silver teeth surrounded by gray.

However unsettling her gums might be in the Instagram clip, though it was her nose and eyes that truly shocked the senses. In fact, her nose seems to be more or less completely gone!

Two slits are etched into her face where her nostrils used to be, but the bulk of her nose is completely missing. Meanwhile, her eyes have been tattooed black, giving her a look that is certainly unique.

Body mod addict travels to remove nose

Toxii Daniëlle, who comes from Belgium, traveled all the way to Madrid to undertake the radical procedures she had done.

Her nose removal and most of her major body modifications, including subdermal implants and alterations to her ears, were completed by Oscar Marquez, a Spanish body modifier who specializes in a variety of procedures.

His website advertises a range of available modifications, from subdermal implants to eyeball tattoos, split tongues, scarification, and beyond. Toxii is featured as one of his successful projects.

In a post celebrating the removal of her nose by Marquez, Toxii said, "WE DID IT! I'm so proud to be the first woman in history that did a nose removal."

"Thank you so much @oscarmarquezbodymod for all your trust and support in me," she wrote in the caption. "It means a lot to me to show the world that also women are badass enough to do this."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@toxii.bodymod

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