Fully blacked-out ink addict reveals the one spot he's yet to tattoo

Hove, UK - Having spent more than $127,000 on covering himself in jet-black ink, tattoo addict Eli Ink is running out of space for future body art projects.

Eli has covered almost his entire body in blackout tattoos.
Eli has covered almost his entire body in blackout tattoos.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@black.cloud.tattoo

Eli Ink has spent hundreds of hours getting tattooed, and now boasts massive blackout tattoos that coat approximately 98% of his body, covering his arms, legs, chest, and more.

Yet, this Hove native still feels that he's not done with his tattoo and body mod transformation.

So far, he has done a lot of the work himself, even reaching awkward spots that others might not have wanted to ink.

"You have to walk around me to see it all," Eli told the Daily Star.

"I'd done myself in awkward areas – if you've got the skill to do it, you might as well."

Tattoo addict only has one spot left to ink

Despite his extensive tattoo coverage, there is still one location on Eli's body that has escaped the needle, and it's not what you would expect.

"I'm only running out of visible space, and I’ve got nearly four layers of different tattoos on my body," Eli said. "With tattooing, once the visible skin is gone, you've only got very limited stuff you can put on top."

It turns out that the only spot left to be covered with ink on his body is his elbow. This isn't even technically true, as it is the site of his first-ever tattoo – a spider web that features bare skin between the strands.

Due to his lack of empty skin, Eli is having to resort to tattooing over black for his future inkings, something that is limited and difficult but not impossible, as tattoo artist Remy Schofield continuously wants to stress.

"I've got green and white ink on top of the black – you can layer and layer it," Eli explained. "I have completely run out of blank skin, but it's taken on a whole new form."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@black.cloud.tattoo

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