Hilarious tattoo fail! Mom thinks she's honoring her son until she makes an unwelcome discovery

Internet - This is one mistake that probably hurt twice. After getting inked, one mom discovered that the her tat wasn't what she thought.

TikTok user th3victorygarden shows off her tattoo.
TikTok user th3victorygarden shows off her tattoo.  © TikTok/Screenshot/th3victorygarden

TikTok user th3victorygarden shared a funny video about a hilarious mistake she made when choosing her tattoo.

In response to a TikTok challenge to share a meaningless tattoo, the young mother lifted her sleeve to show a Nintendo-esque child's drawing inked on her bicep.

The mom had chosen the design out of pride for her six-year-old son Kevin, who she thought must be an incredibly talented artist.

But shortly after the tattoo was finished, she learned that she now had a permanent reminder not to make assumptions.

The "artwork" the TikTok user found in the six-year-old's room and assumed was her son's had actually been drawn by his friend.

Mother's "confession" goes viral on TikTok

The mother's look reads pure regret.
The mother's look reads pure regret.  © TikTok/Screenshot/th3victorygarden

Understandably annoyed, the mother was succinct in expressing her disappointment over her mistake.

The recording went viral on TikTok within a few hours, garnering more than 358,000 views in just one day.

Commenters were definitely entertained by the mistake. Several wanted to know whether she had shown the real artist's parents how the masterpiece was immortalized.

The TikToker then came forward in another clip and explained that she had kept the story to herself so far, but with the amount of attention her video is currently generating, this truth is likely to come to light soon!

Cover photo: TikTok/Screenshot/th3victorygarden

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