Most tattooed woman in Britain had only one place left to ink after covering her whole body

Cheshire, UK - After covering her entire body with tattoos and running out of space, this ink-addict moved on to her face.

Becky Holt says that 95% of her body is covered in tattoos.
Becky Holt says that 95% of her body is covered in tattoos.  © Screenshot/Instagram/becky_holt_bolt

Becky Holt, an interior designer from Cheshire, UK, has covered her entire body with tattoos since getting her first one in 2001at the young age of 15. She started of with her then-boyfriend’s name. Located on her nether regions, it's a decision she came to regret and she later covered it with skulls.

In an interview with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, the hosts of the British show This Morning, Becky shared that 95% of her body is covered with tattoos, costing $47,000 – and that's even after some artists offered to ink her for free.

Since she’s covered nearly every part of her body with tattoos, including her armpits and lady bits, she made the decision that it was time to move to the one area left blank: her face. When asked about her face tattoos, Becky responded, "I always said that I was never going to get tattoos on my hands, my throat, or my face, I always wanted them to be covered with clothes because they were for me."

"But then once I ran out of space and I got so addicted to it that I thought, 'Do you know what? I'm just going to go for it. I'm already so covered I may as well just put them anywhere.'"

As the very unconventional mother to a 4-week-old baby, Becky is no stranger to public criticism for all of her ink.

She told the morning TV program's hosts about getting ugly looks and hearing snide remarks muttered by passersby: 'It's like they don't think I can hear, they will talk quite openly and quite loudly and be really rude about my appearance, it's my body and my choice and if people don't like it, I don't care.”

For now, Becky said she’s calling it quits when it comes to adding more ink – there's just no more space if she wants to keep her current aesthetic going.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/becky_holt_bolt

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