Post Malone to tattoo Steve-O's forehead with hilariously vulgar design

El Segundo, California - Steve-O has revealed in an interview that he intends for Post Malone to tattoo a phallus onto his forehead when they meet at the upcoming Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee.

Post Malone (l.) may be tattooing a "chode" onto Steve-O's forehead.
Post Malone (l.) may be tattooing a "chode" onto Steve-O's forehead.  © Collage: IMAGO/ZUMA Press Wire/Avalon.Red

Speaking to Page Six from a restaurant in El Segunda, California, Steve-O on Thursday revealed just how much he is looking forward to meeting with Post Malone at the Manchester, Tennessee, music festival on June 14.

The Jackass star, known for his many shocking television stunts, is no stranger to body art, having covered many parts of his body in a variety of tattoos. He has previously been tattooed by Post Malone, and even gave the "Better Now" singer an inking of his own.

Now, Steve-O will be getting his first-ever face tattoo by Malone's hand: "I'm getting my first face tattoo. Post Malone is going to tattoo a d**k on my forehead."

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While Steve-O has agreed to have the phallus tattooed on his forehead, he smartly won't be letting Post Malone design the inking himself, telling Page Six "I've designed it already. It's been designed."

Steve-O to get "a chode" tattooed by Post Malone

The tattoo will be completed when Steve-O meets Post Malone at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, on June 14. They'll likely hang out before Malone takes to the stage on the festival's second day.

His new penis tattoo will be yet another in a series of body-changing comedy bits from Steve-O, the Jackass star lamenting that "The bar for my comedy is pretty high these days."

Back in July 2022, Post Malone and Steve-O tattooed each other in a video released to the latter's YouTube channel. At the time, Steve-O said "I don't know how that could have been a more incredible experience."

Speaking of how he pitched the idea of a phallic tattoo to Post Malone, Steve-O said, "He asked, 'Is it going to be a chode?' And I don't even know what a chode is!"

Cover photo: Collage: IMAGO/ZUMA Press Wire/Avalon.Red

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