Tattoo and body modification addict spends thousands on radical head spikes

Munich, Germany - Body modification and tattoo fanatic Juliusz isn't content to simply cover his body in ink. Instead, the 24-year-old from Munich has decided to spend thousands on radical metal head spikes.

Having covered his body in ink, this German influencer decided to get head spikes.
Having covered his body in ink, this German influencer decided to get head spikes.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@inkedjuliusz2.3

Only in his early 20s, Juliusz has managed to garner tens of thousands of followers on TikTok, where he goes as @inkedjuliusz2.3, on account of his radical look and love for body modification.

Now, he has taken his radical look to the next level, dropping more than $3000 on metal spikes that have been embedded into his scalp like a robotic mohawk.

Speaking about the decision, he described his metal spikes as not carrying "a specific meaning," explaining that he simply got the body mods "because I like the design, and I believe I'll still like them in 10 years."

TikToker's metal spike implants his "favorite" body modification

Despite the price he paid for the multiple metal implants he has had attached to his head, and the struggles he admits to having in his love life, Juliusz has no regrets.

"My favorite is the metal mohawk, even though it causes minor inflammations," he said, before describing his eye tattoos. "I just love the look. I also find my black eyes really cool."

According to the 24-year-old, he plans on covering 100% of his body in tattoos and body modifications, "leaving no visible skin." He has a range of additional implants, and seems far from slowing down.

"Negative comments or remarks are rare, and if there are any I often don’t notice them... Positive comments are also frequent, and my loyal community supports me strongly."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@inkedjuliusz2.3

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