Tattoo fanatic spends a fortune to look like a cyborg!

San Francisco, California - With more than 200 tattoos inked into her skin and a variety of body modifications, including subdermal implants, Lina Lorenzen's ultimate goal is to look like a cyborg.

Lina Lorenzen has pursued a cyborg-inspired tattoo journey.
Lina Lorenzen has pursued a cyborg-inspired tattoo journey.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/

Lorenzen is a tattoo artist and model from San Francisco, spending her days inking others and sharing her work with her 110,000 followers on Instagram, where she goes by

She certainly practices what she preaches too: over 200 tats cover more than 80% of her body surface!

To top it all off, Lorenzen has a number of subdermal implants, piercings, and other body modifications.

Overall, she has spent more than $150K on her transformation, with one eye-catching goal in sight: becoming a human cyborg.

Half woman, half machine

Lorenzen's extreme tattoos and various body modifications are about more than just entertaining her Instagram fans with bikini shots and dance moves – they're an ongoing and very purposeful transformation.

Describing her look and the style of her body art, Lina Lorenzen told Need to Know UK that "People refer to me as a cyborg because of heavily my modified appearance... I feel as if we are all already cyborgs."

She described phones and computers as extensions of ourselves, making us all effectively cyborgs. Her goal is to simply take that to its literal extreme, covering herself in art and mods that make her look like she's part human, part machine.

"My tattoos are heavily influenced by biomechanical art, a surrealistic style that combines elements of machines with organics, which definitely adds to the cyborgesque appearance."

"I am going to finish my back piece and then fill in the few spots I haven't covered yet. I don't set myself any limitations, so we shall find out where my tattoo journey is going to take me."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/

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