Tattooed mom of seven says she'll get inked "for as long as I live"

Knighton, UK – Melissa Sloan is covered in tattoos, and she has no plan of slowing her ink-heavy roll anytime soon.

Melissa Sloan has so many tattoos, she's lost count.
Melissa Sloan has so many tattoos, she's lost count.  © Collage: Screenshot/Facebook/Melissa Sloan

For the 45-year-old, the slogan "you only live once" has a tattoo-related meaning. The mom of seven is heavily inked, and she won't stop until her entire body is entirely covered.

"I'll keep going for as long as I live," she told The Sun, and she seems to mean it. "I'm addicted to it now, and now I get a new one once or twice a week."

It also helps that she has her own tattoo gun at home, allowing her to tat it up whenever inspiration calls.

From multicolored roses, crosses, and stars to the Flag of England and hearts for eyebrows, Melissa clearly isn't afraid of expressing herself by way of body art.

At this point, she has so many tats, she's lost count. But like many people who get inked, she reportedly uses it as a form of therapy to help her heal from past trauma.

Though the hate she receives from strangers is "unbelievable," one thing that keeps her mind in the right place is her mother's unwavering love and support.

"I am the way I am," she said. "My mom always said she was proud of me and encouraged me to do keep doing what I loved."

Despite the many stares she receives on the street, Melissa said her own children don't even notice her body art – and that's on unconditional love.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Facebook/Melissa Sloan

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