TikToker details Virgo-inspired tattoo fail six years in the making

There's nothing worse than realizing the tattoo you've been proudly rocking for years isn't the symbolic ink you thought it was, and that's what happened to one TikTok user.

A TikTok user shows off her Virgo symbol tattoo fail.
A TikTok user shows off her Virgo symbol tattoo fail.  © Collage: Screenshot/TikTok/@tiffanycarringtonn

So, you're into astrology and want to forever rock your star sign on your body. After all, your birthday will never change, meaning that piece of ink will always be accurate regardless of life's ebbs and flows.

That is, unless you have a tattoo fail similar to one TikTok user, who sounded off about a tattoo she's had for six years that's anything but on-brand.

In a video that's racked up over 41,000 views so far with the caption, "All i can say is ima clown," the social media user dishes about her initial ask for a tattoo of the Virgo sign on the back of her neck.

She starts by saying that she discovered the piece of ink was incorrect while going through old photos, adding that it was her first tattoo.

Given its location on the back of her neck, the TikTok user admits "I forget it's there, I barely ever see it, obviously."

She continues to say that when she stumbled across the throwback pic, something didn't look right.

Tattoo fail six years in the making

After searching for an image of the Virgo symbol, she realizes that the tattoo she received was not actually a Virgo sign, but rather a very fancy "M."

I've had this tattoo for six years now," she says. "Never noticed."

When you're getting a tattoo, be sure to check out the stencil for accuracy before your artist applies it to your skin!

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/TikTok/@tiffanycarringtonn

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