Woman refuses to let tattoos define her parental potential

Newcastle, Australia – When you have colorful tattoos, you're bound to stand out. Sarah Keirs knew this, but she never expected to be seen as an unfit mother or unprofessional because of her body ink.

Sarah Keirs proves that her tattoos don't affect her ability to be the best mom she can be (collage).
Sarah Keirs proves that her tattoos don't affect her ability to be the best mom she can be (collage).  © Screenshot / Instagram / sarah.keirs

The Australian often experiences judgmental stares and condescending comments when she goes anywhere in public.

Regardless of the public scrutiny she faces, Keirs doesn't let the unwarranted opinions of others dictate her ability to be a parent and a professional.

Though they're now used as a form of self-expression, tattoos didn't always have quite the same creative reputation they do today.

Keirs told the Daily Mail that while she understands tattoos aren't for everyone, she doesn't think someone should be looked down on simply for having them.

The 32-year-old old has had her fair share of being treating differently at stores because of her ink. She recounted once being looked up and down and scowled at by a gas station attendant.

The next day, she had a similar experience with a retail worker openly grunting at her after scanning her body top to bottom.

Understanding rudeness isn't tolerating it

"I completely get from their perspective that tattoos used to be linked to crime, but things have changed and tattoos are a part of today," Keirs continued, "I am not treating you rudely. You don’t have to sit there and tell me they are nice, but you don’t have to go out of your way to be nasty".

After spending over 100 hours getting tattooed, her only fear is that she and her kids will be misjudged because of her looks and decisions.

"Having a tattoo, does not affect your parenting whatsoever. The way you raise your kids has nothing to do with what's on your skin. What's important are your values, your morals," said Keirs.

Just because she has tattoos doesn't make Keirs any less able to be the best mom to her daughters – and successful in her profession, too.

Cover photo: Screenshot / Instagram / sarah.keirs

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