Woman turns to tattoos and body mods to find self-love after "toxic relationship'

Houston, Texas - Orylan used to hate herself until she decided to completely transform her look from what society had imposed on her with the help of tattoos and body modifications, and can now finally love herself.

The juxtaposition of the two Orylans: on the left you can see the image that she hated, and on the right you can see her happy with herself and able to love.
The juxtaposition of the two Orylans: on the left you can see the image that she hated, and on the right you can see her happy with herself and able to love.  © Collage: Screenshot/TikTok/orylandoesnotexist_

Orylan might be beefing with social media more often than not, as her various accounts seem to get suspended on a regular basis.

However, she always finds a way back to people's screens, whether it be through new TikTok accounts, her YouTube channel, or her OnlyFans page.

With many face and body tattoos, inked eyeballs, piercings, and visible body modifications such as gauged ears and a split tongue, Orylan admitted in an interview No Jumper that she actually had to modify her modified look to work at a strip club.

When asked, "What kind of strip club hires a girl that looks like you?" Orylan responded, "none," before confessing she covers her face tats with Kat Von D makeup.

While she stressed she hasn't danced in the club since February, Orylan admitted that "it's nice to have extra income" despite the extra effort she has to put forward to get it. To those who don't like her looks, Orylan said, "I find myself to be beautiful," and that's what matters.

In a since-removed TikTok video due to her original account getting suspended, Orylan revealed that she didn't always use to look the way she does now.

The once tattoo and body modification-free woman has completely transformed her look over the years by adding rhinestones to her teeth, getting fang teeth implants, splitting her tongue, and heavily tattooing her body from head to toe.

Orylan admits her tattoo and body mod transformation is "pure self-love"

Orylan even had her eyeballs completely tattooed.
Orylan even had her eyeballs completely tattooed.  © Screenshot/Instagram/orylanstabsthings

In an interview with Soft White Underbelly, Orylan says that many people conclude that she must have had a wayward childhood because of her looks.

This is not true: the 23-year-old recounted having a "typical childhood," and noted that she was brought up as a sheltered Christian in a small town of nearly 2,000 people near Houston.

""I look like a vampire, demon, or whatever somebody would want to call me, but I grew up Christian," she stated.

But it wasn't necessarily her small town upbringing that led her on her journey of self-love and discovery, but rather a "toxic relationship" with an abusive ex.

"He wanted my hair short and blonde," she said, "he didn't want me to have any tattoos."

But she realized later that changing her looks made her happy. "I started loving myself so much after I did this. There was no self-love before, I really hated myself the way I used to look."

Now, Orylan admits, "It's pure self-love, there is no destruction in this at all. I did this because I love myself because it's a part of me now."

Better yet, her transformation has only just begun. "I'll continue to get tattoos, I'm not done," Orylan said. "I'll cover my whole body, I'm done with my face for sure, but I have many more to get."

As for her family, Orylan says they still love her just the same.

"My whole family is still involved in my life, grandma, dad, everyone is still alive, thank God," she concluded.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/TikTok/orylandoesnotexist_

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