Woman with bodysuit tattoo that took 200 hours warns that society is "not too positive"

Madrid, Spain - One woman with a tattoo bodysuit has revealed how long the process took, and why she got it in the first place.

One woman with a bodysuit tattoo is offering a warning to those who may want similar ink.
One woman with a bodysuit tattoo is offering a warning to those who may want similar ink.  © Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/tinaxandra

It's not every day that you see someone with a bodysuit tattoo.

Tina Alexandra embarked on a 200-hour tattoo journey to fulfill her dream of resembling an anime bodysuit, per the New York Post. The 30-year-old first started her ink journey at the age of 22, but the tattoo fun didn't stop there.

Now, she has a blackout tattoo that covers her body from her neck down to her toes.

The bodysuit tattoo, which has intricate details and various cut-outs in the blackout design, took over seven months to get, as Alexandra endured 22 sessions that surely had some painful moments.

While some may opt to go under anesthesia to get such a tattoo, the fashion worker did not.

Though she loves how she looks now, Alexandra admitted it took some adjusting to, as she was fearful she'd be judged for her appearance.

"The worst moment for me was when I was done with my last session, I had a breakdown because the process was so fast; I had completely transformed in seven months," she previously told Media Drum. "I was scared I had changed too much too fast and I had a little breakdown. I was crying."

But after some time passed, she says she "was totally sure about the process."

"I have had good feedback from all the world including tattoo artists," Alexandra added before advising others who may want to follow in her footsteps: "I guess it’s important for people to know the society it’s not too positive about these things,” she pointed out. "So you have to think a lot about that before to realize any kind of transformation can affect your life."

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/tinaxandra

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