Users threaten to call social services on mother after she posts photos of her cooking

New York, New York - A young mother from New York frequently shares the dishes she cooks for her little daughter – but she keeps getting hateful and abusive comments in return.

Texykitchen1 gets endless hate comments every day.
Texykitchen1 gets endless hate comments every day.  ©

Childcare will always be a hotly debated topic on which everyone has their own view.

This is what a young mother had to learn the hard way when she started showing her TikTok followers the meals she prepares for her 13-month-old daughter for dinner.

Her channel features fairly common dishes, such as noodles with minced meat and chicken curry, which she usually prepares in a small wooden bowl.

Nevertheless, the clips drew a flood of negative comments. But why?

"Omg did you just give you 13 months old chicken curry" and "That's not enough food for babies" are some of the least offensive replies the woman has received.

Most critics complain about the kind of food she prepares for her daughter and are convinced to know better.

But there are also a lot of positive reactions

The young mother refuses to let the negative reactions get to her.
The young mother refuses to let the negative reactions get to her.  ©

"Omg I can't believe your baby is not vegan," one user wrote in shock, while others bashed texykitchen1 for feeding her child meat, milk, and eggs.

But the hate parade got even weirder and more poisonous: "My dog wouldn't even eat that," "is that cat food," and "you're bad mom" – all this over some harmless personal choices.

Some of the internet trolls even went as far as to threaten texykitchen1: "You need ur kid taken away from you" or "Cps will be contacted" are just a few examples of the hostility she is exposed to.

After sharing the anonymous abuse that she regularly receives on the platform, many came to her defense and offered their sympathy.

"Girl u winning, they just jealous that there mom didnt feed them like u feed ur child, ur an amazing mom," one user wrote and thousands of others agreed, "You're a great mom."

In the end, it's all a matter of taste anyway.

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