Free Taurus monthly Horoscope for May 2023

Knowing what the stars are sending your way can make finding balance easy this May. The free monthly horoscope for Taurus in May 2023 will help you focus on joy, love, and play.

The free Taurus Monthly Horoscope for May 2023 can help you find out what's in store this month.
The free Taurus Monthly Horoscope for May 2023 can help you find out what's in store this month.  © 123RF/katyau

Keep up with your free monthly horoscope for zodiac sign Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Spring is your season, Taurus, and you love to watch anything and everything grow. As your birthday comes and goes, ask yourself what it is you want to sow. Are you hoping for more love, work, or health this year? Plant your plans accordingly.

The full moon on May 5, which is also called the Flower Moon, could send some real transformative energy your way as it lights up the sky in the sign of Scorpio.

Jupiter moves into Taurus on May 16, where it will stay until May 25, 2024. This changing of the tides makes focusing on money, creativity, and pleasure key.

Your horoscopes can help you make the most of spring, so read on below for your May 2023 prediction.

Taurus monthly horoscope for May 2023

Love and Relationships

Give yourself a hug, Taurus! Everyone has to deal with heartbreak every once in a blue moon. You might not be sending the right signals to get what you crave.

Attached Tauruses may need to slow down and explain what it is they mean. You don't always have to bend over backward to make others happy. Set some limits and be firm. New lovers might not be so quick to go for pleasure. Show them some patience.

Health and Fitness

Know what would do you some good, Taurus? Having some alone time. Find a cozy place and settle down with a book.

Remember to take care of yourself. You're in great shape, but don't up your sugar intake this May.

Career and Finances

Pretending to be surprised at work isn't a good look, Taurus. The consequences were easy to predict, but be truthful first and foremost.

Consider taking a step back. You may need a creative break. You can achieve a lot when you want to, especially if you're having a good time. If you like your job, success will come more easily.

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