28-year-old Kaylynn Stevenson claims to be missing child Brittany Renee Williams

Fort Wayne, Indiana - After Kaylynn Stevenson came out and revealed that she was Brittany Renee Williams, a seven-year-old who went missing in 2000, many are wondering whether she's legit, or an imposter.

Brittany Renee Williams disappeared in 2000 at the age of seven.
Brittany Renee Williams disappeared in 2000 at the age of seven.  © Collage: Screenshots/Facebook/Seeking The Missing

In 2000, Brittany Renee Williams disappeared at the age of seven, after she never returned home from school in her hometown of Henrico, Virginia. Years later, she was assumed dead by authorities.

What made the situation particularly devastating was that the little girl, who lived with her foster mother Kim Parker at the time, was being treated for AIDS. Her biological mother is said to have transmitted the disease to Brittany when she was born.

This is relevant because it meant that investigating authorities assumed early on that the seven-year-old was dead, since she had practically no chance of survival without her medication.

Kaylynn Stevenson has DNA evidence that proves her identity

Now, 21 years later, a 28-year-old woman has suddenly surfaced in Indiana claiming to be the missing girl. NBC12 reported that Kaylynn Stevenson of Fort Wayne said she had a certified DNA test done at the lab to prove her thesis.

NBC12 traveled to Indiana to speak with Stevenson for a newly released interview. She said she never had AIDS and believes it was a misdiagnosis at the time.

"A lot of things went back and forth from Richmond, Virginia, to Columbus, Ohio ... back and forth all the time," she said of the time of her alleged abduction.

Her foster mother Parker never cooperated with courts or law enforcement in attempts to find Brittany, and she later went to prison for ten years on 73 different cases of fraud.

Kaylynn Stevenson describes the moment she realized

Stevenson's memories of the events surrounding her disappearance are sketchy, but one thing she said that she always remembered was her last name, explaining that "For some reason, it planted itself in the back of my head."

Why the woman did nothing to reveal her identity for so many years, though, is still unclear. She said that she had recently Googled her old last name and came across the connection with vanished children. The 21-year-old missing person report hit her like a gut punch.

"I woke my wife up from her sleep, and I was like, 'That's me, I know me when I see me, that's me,'" Stevenson said.

Yet, it is still unclear whether Kaylynn Stevenson is actually Brittany Renee Williams

Although Stevenson is adamant that she is Brittany, there is no disclosed evidence to support her claim. If her DNA test is in fact a match for the missing child's DNA, the case could finally be resolved.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, police officer Matthew Pecka said that the case quickly went cold at the time, but was never closed.

"This remains an active investigation, and we are working with our federal partners," he told the outlet. "'As soon as we get additional details, we'll be able to provide [an] update."

Until results of the DNA test come out, the mystery will remain unanswered. There are still many questions for Stevenson to answer about the last twenty-plus years - and whether she's the person she claims to be.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Facebook/Seeking The Missing

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