Teen searching for sender of message in a bottle that traveled over 2,000 miles!

São Jorge, Portugal - Is this find possibly the beginning of a beautiful friendship? It could be, as long as the original sender of a message in a bottle reveals themselves.

Where is the teenager who wrote this message?
Where is the teenager who wrote this message?  © Facebook/Screenshot/Molly Santos

This is exactly what 17-year-old Christian Santos is hoping for. The teen lives with his mother on the small island of São Jorge, which is a part of Portugal and lies in the Atlantic Ocean.

While fishing in the sea recently, the Santos came across a plastic bottle in which he had discovered a mysterious letter.

It read: "It's Thanksgiving, I am 13 and visiting family in Rhode Island. I'm from Vermont. If found please email me at [email protected]."

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Since the email address is dated 2018, the sender should be 15 or 16 by now. Funnily enough, Christian Santos lived only about 100 miles from Rhode Island until 10 years ago.

At that time, he and his mother had left their old hometown of Boston to move to the small island, as they shared with the Boston Globe.

Christian Santos hopes to make friends with the sender

Christian's mother Molly put out an appeal on her Facebook page last week, posting a photo of the message in a bottle and calling on users to help her and her son find the sender.

"So if you know anyone who lives in Vermont, ask them to share this so we can find this kid, it's so cool how far she's come!!!" she wrote.

They need all the help they can get to find the sender, as emails to the address specified in the message have brought no replies so far.

The teenager now fervently hopes that one day he will meet the individual who sent the bottle across the ocean, after all, it has traveled over 2,000 miles!

"I'd like to tell him that I found it, where it was and what I did, and we'll be friends for life," he told WCVB TV in Boston.

Cover photo: Facebook/Screenshot/Molly Santos/Facebook/Screenshot/Christian Santos

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