Woman feels bloated and leaves her boyfriend this cute warning

Internet - In some relationships, the topic of farting is taboo, but not in this partnership!

This is the message a woman left on her boyfriend's pillow.
This is the message a woman left on her boyfriend's pillow.  © Screenshot/Reddit/RagingNacho119

This Reddit user's girlfriend must have had beans for dinner. She didn't want to burden her boyfriend with the potentially hazardous results.

She grabbed a piece of paper and wrote him a little disclaimer.

In the note, she writes, "I am so bloated, please do not squeeze/hold onto my waist tonight or I'll fart a hole through the sheets. Love you!"

Not all boyfriends might have found the message funny, but this particular one did – so much so that he couldn't help but publish it on Reddit.

The internet loved the story of the strange love note: within a day, the post received 113,000 upvotes.

Many users have similar relationships. One commented, "My wife just lets it rip. last night was a particularly bad night – especially for the sheets. damn you onions!"

"You get extra warning? Oh man, that's love," wrote another. Someone praised the young woman's creative idea and made a suggestion to the Reddit user: "Marry her."

Let's hope the man made it through the night in one piece.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Reddit/RagingNacho119

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