Real-life Rapunzel has world's longest hair

Slovakia - Aliia Nasyrova has made history by growing a head of brown hair so seemingly impossible that it well out-stretches any other competitors for the longest hair in the world!

It's unusual for hair to get as long as Nasyrova's.
It's unusual for hair to get as long as Nasyrova's.  © Unsplash/Karl Hedin

As world records go, Aliia Nasyrova's attempt is unbelievably impressive, largely due to the amount of time and patience that was needed to achieve it.

Who is this fascinating lady, why did she grow such unbelievably luscious locks, and how did she manage to become the person with the longest hair ever?

Who has the world's longest hair?

Ukrainian woman Aliia Nasyrova has recently inherited the coveted title of "Real-life Rapunzel" after growing the longest hair in the world. Nasyrova, who currently lives in Slovakia, was presented the award by Guinness World Records, which gave her the title of "longest hair on a living person (female)."

With hair that reaches eight feet and 5.3 inches in length, Aliia Nasyrova has managed a remarkable record in growing an impressive head of hair that is well longer than she is tall. To be precise, as she is only five feet and four inches tall, her hair reaches more than three feet out from her toes.

As a result of her unique look, Aliia Nasyrova was recently featured on the world-famous Italian world-record TV series Lo Show dei Record, which showed off her remarkably luscious locks. At only 35 years old, Nasyrova has made a name for herself as an artist and graphic illustrator, with hundreds of thousands of followers on her Instagram and YouTube channel.

Seeing as her hair is far too long to be convenient, Nasyrova spends most of her time with it up in a braided bun so that it isn't dragging along the floor. It's a hard life having the longest hair in the world, but the accolades are pretty great!

How did Aliia Nasyrova become a real-life Rapunzel?

According to Aliia Nasyrova, she has never had a haircut in her life. Instead, she was inspired by both her mother and grandmother, who had long hair, as well as Rapunzel. To get it to be as long as it is, though, Nasyrova needed to look after it carefully and with a keen eye for detail, making sure to wash it thoroughly and not let it snag on anything.

Nasyrova explained to Guinness World Records that she only washes her hair once a week, as it takes around 30 minutes in the shower to get it thoroughly clean. In some cases, when she wants to use a hair mask, it can take up to two hours. The drying process, though, is where it gets really irritating – it sometimes takes up to 24 hours!

"I only brush my hair when it's dry," she explained. "And it takes about one hour the day after washing it and about 30 minutes on other days... I do not color my hair, I use only natural products and very rarely I use henna. I apply natural masks and oils on my hair, mostly preparing the masks by myself, and I never brush my hair when it’s wet or use a hairdryer."

To keep her hair healthy and strong, Aliia Nasyrova makes sure to get her split ends regularly trimmed, avoids alcohol, and gets a healthy diet. She even takes vitamins and gets massages on her scalp to make sure that everything is in order, and she is as comfortable as possible, considering the length of her hair.

It's not just about wanting to have super long hair, either. Instead, Nasyrova sees her hair-growing abilities as a way to inspire people and show that we can be natural and allow our bodies to grow without the need for modifications that are even as simple as a basic hair cut.

"I hope my story will inspire readers to love their natural beauty. I am a painter and I believe that every person is beautiful, even if they look different."

Cover photo: Unsplash/Karl Hedin

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