Man sends unsolicited nudes and gets horrifying diagnosis!

Warwickshire, UK - One Twitter user finally had enough of being sent unwanted dick pics. But instead of just reporting the disgusting abuse, she had an even better idea...

Unsolicited dick pics are becoming a nuisance for many women on the internet. (stock image)
Unsolicited dick pics are becoming a nuisance for many women on the internet. (stock image)  © 123RF/prykhodov

Nudes from strangers popping up in social media inboxes aren't just annoyance – they are part of the constant sexual harassment that women face online.

Becky Holmes knows all about that herself. Ever since the 42-year-old registered on Twitter in August, she has regularly received unsolicited nudes from weirdos.

But the latest incident, on December 18, was the last straw. After getting yet another explicit image in a direct message, Becky decided to have some fun of her own.

Instead of just blocking the offender, she started a conversation with him, posing as a doctor. Becky informed the stranger, who she called Talli, that something seemed to be seriously wrong with his privates.

She convincingly expressed concern about a "worrying discoloration" in the genital area, while also pointing out his obesity and a strange-looking mole.

Woman pretends to be a doctor and makes a scary diagnosis

The man – now obviously worried about his junk – replied that he had already had the mole checked out by a doctor. But Holmes insisted that he could "lose the whole penis" soon.

She followed up with a prescription for the pervert, saying: "Stop sending photographs of your dreadful little willy to women on Twitter."

Speaking to The Sun, the Becky said: "This guy didn't understand what was happening. I think he thought I was genuinely a doctor."

She has no patience for this kind of harassment. One more time, for the people in the back: "Women do not want these images. Ever. Some will ignore them, some will laugh at them, some will be upset by them. And then there are women like me."

Hopefully, this was a lesson her "friend" Talli won't be forgetting anytime soon.

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