Steamy Instagram models team up to melt the snow!

Los Angeles, California - This winter is warming up: models like Emily Knight and Viking Barbie prove that they can look super hot even in sub-zero temperatures.

Models Emily Knight (23, l) and Viking Barbie (35) won't let snow and ice stop them from showing a lot of skin!
Models Emily Knight (23, l) and Viking Barbie (35) won't let snow and ice stop them from showing a lot of skin!  ©

It's freezing cold and there's snow on the ground in much of the US, but that doesn't bother some influencers.

They have decided to bare some skin despite the cold. One adult model shows off her sporty side by posing with a snowboard and others show off their winter wear. And even if they're freezing, they still manage to get sexy snapshots for their fans!

The best example of this is 23-year-old Emily Knight, a beautiful blonde who recently published a whole series of hot winter content on her channel.

In one video, she snowboards down a snowy slope in a white bikini and leopard print pants. In another video she shows fans that there are half naked wild "animals," in the form of Viking Barbie, to be found in the snow covered forest. Then, in yet another picture, she poses in the forest with model Kiara Moon (24) wearing nothing but a pair of very skimpy panties.

All these beautiful women don't seem phased by the cold when they've got each other to keep warm. Check out the fun in the snow for yourself!

Violet Summers and Heidi Grey also get in on the act

But the list of scantily clad Instagram models who pose in the cold isn't over yet. If you look around social media, you'll find that Violet Summers also posed outside in skimpy underwear with her big sister Riley (22).

And though she's not scantly dressed, Heidi Grey (22) manages to even make curve covering turtlenecks very sexy.

The bottom line is: these models know how to make their fans happy and are willing to face the cold to do so!

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