A letter brings a cat and her owner back together after three years of separation

Brogborough, UK - One day in October, a British man found a letter in his mailbox that made him jump for joy. He was about to be reunited with a long-lost furry friend.

Leighton a security guard fed Ruby for three weeks.
Leighton a security guard fed Ruby for three weeks.  © Screenshot/Facebook/Wendy Harris

Jordan Harvey was de2vastated when one day three years ago, his beloved black cat Ruby disappeared without a trace. The two were best friends and spent every day together.

At first Jordan, thought she had just wandered a bit farther from home than usual, but months and years went by, as the heart-broken man slowly gave up hope.

Last week, a colleague of Wendy Harris, who volunteers with Coventry Cats Protection, received a call from a security guard named Leighton. He had started feeding a black cat in one of the commercial buildings he patrols about three weeks ago according to Wendy's Facebook post. He wanted to find out if the cat he was taking care of was chipped.

After receiving the call, the volunteers went and examined the cat. And luckily enough, Ruby was chipped.

Wendy wanted to call the owner but she couldn't find his phone number. Then she tried email, but the address in the database was incorrect. But she didn't give up.

Three years after her disappearance the black cat finds her way home

Ruby and Jordan are reunited.
Ruby and Jordan are reunited.  © Screenshot/Facebook/Wendy Harris

In the end, the woman decided to write Jordan a letter. When it reached him, he immediately called the organization. Wendy wrote in her Facebook post that Jordan, "was so emotional and couldn't believe we had found his little girl who had been missing from Bedford for nearly three years. All he kept saying was wow, wow."

Ruby had been found some 70 miles from Jordan's home.

Her ecstatic owner jumped in the car and met the security guard and volunteers at the building where Ruby was squatting. "As soon as she saw Jordan it was obvious she knew who he was and remembered him, she was rubbing all over him," Wendy wrote in her post.

This story had happy ending thanks to a concerned security guard, a tenacious volunteer, and the good old post office. 

There was also an important lesson. In her post about Ruby and Jordan's amazing reunion, Wendy had one reminder for all cat owners: "Please please chip your cats and remember to keep the chip details up to date."

Cover photo: Screenshot/Facebook/Wendy Harris

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